PCB Design


    Service Features
  • Almost 40 Years experience
  • High Speed Digital signal routing
  • Controlled Impedance traces
  • Differential traces
  • Max/Min signal trace length rules
  • Serpentine traces to maintain timing relationships
  • High Frequency RF designs
  • Analog and Digital designs
  • Complex Power Supply Sources
  • Any shape and any size. No design is too complex, or too small or too large.
  • Multiple Layers, with copper flooding on any layer desired
  • Outputs include, Gerber files, ODC++ files, DXF, 3D model, IPC 356 Files for testing and drill files
  • Production aids include Pick and place machine driver files, parts list file and net list files when required
  • This service is available for any size company from the smallest single owner to the largest corporations.
  • Design Parts Libraries for Number One systems, EASY-PC® and Pulsonix® EDAs

Contact us for more information or if you have a specific need at engservices@johngriffineng.com.


Pulsonix and Easy-PC are registered trade marks of Number One Systems