Pulsonix,® Easy-PC® Libraries

After 20 years of experience using the Number One Systems PCB design tools Pulsonix® and Easy-PC® we are pleased to offer a custom part design service to provide you with the parts library you need to use these tools effectively and to assist you in the development of your projects. This service will relieve you of the burden of building your own parts library but still maintaining ownership of the design files. We also offer ready made libraries of many of the more popular micro controller families that have been in use over the years. This service is independent of the Number One System libraries but are guaranteed to perform as expected when using these tools.
    What are the benefits of using this service?.
  • Save time and consequently money in the design process
  • Allows the PCB designer time to focus on the more important aspects of the PCB design, such as signal integrity .
  • Purchasing ready made files allow immediate access to the parts needed in a design. Again saving time and money.
  • RF transmitter engineering support. li>
  • What Parts are currently available for immediate purchase?
  • Zilog's® full family of micro controllers
  • Micro Chips PIC32® family
  • More in development all the time..
  • Contact us for more information or if you have a specific need at engservices@johngriffineng.com.


Pulsonix and Easy-PC are registered trade marks of Number One Systems