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John Griffin Engineering

John Griffin, Principal Engineer

As principle engineer of John Griffin Engineering I have nearly 40 years experience in the design, assembly and maintenance of a variety of electronics systems including micro controller-based systems, wireless data and communication systems, wireless sensors, digital and analog audio and video systems. My design experience includes the hardware and the software code of these systems. I have designed several analog systems including switchers, routers and amplifiers that are used to process and route audio, video and RF signals. Finally I have designed Printed Circuit Boards of varying complexity and size, specializing in design of high frequency high data rate products and provide custom parts library design for Number One systems, Pulsonix and Easy-PC EDAs.

John Griffin Engineering continues to provide services in the Embedded design field and our very successful EMC/EMI engineering service, utilizing modeling procedures and methods based on the latest research in the fields of signal integrity and EMC. We have assisted many R & D design teams in assuring their products meet the international EMI/EMC requirements and supervising the testing for the certification of products to the FCC and CE requirements. We also provide a printed circuit board design service, specializing in the design of high frequency and high-speed systems. We place a special emphasis on the design parameters that effect signal integrity and EMC/EMI. We now offer custom design parts libraries for Number one Pulsonix and Easy-PC EDAs with several micro-controller parts already designed and ready for immediate use. we have almost 20 years experience using Pulsonix and Easy_PC EDAs. We are ready to help you achieve a fabulously designed product just contact us with your particular needs

- John Griffin, Principal Engineer

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